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Head Message
Prof. Dr. Md. Robiul Awall
Head of BECM


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Building Engineering & Construction Management department under the Faculty of Civil Engineering started journey from 2016. Every year 30 students are admitted to this department at undergraduate level. This department functions as a center of teaching, learning and research in the field of Building Physics, Concrete Technology and Construction Management.Building engineering is a field of study concerned with the technical performance of buildings, building materials, building systems and construction management involves the application of technical and scientific knowledge to infrastructure construction projects. A construction engineer plays an important role in ensuring that construction projects go smoothly from start to finish. The area is broad enough to include construction technology, material science, architecture, heat and mass transport physics and structural design. The field can be seen as the specialization of infrastructure engineering applied to building systems.

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The mission of this department is to offer program covering all important branches and disciplines of Building and construction Engineering. This department focuses on design and construction management which is concerned with overseeing the actual construction and bridging design and management or project execution.The main aim is to produce proficient and technically qualified engineers who can serve for the sustainable development in construction site and for the prosperity of society and nation. This department will continue to strive to produce professional construction managers who are informed and participating citizens with a sense of duty and responsibility, whose actions express high moral and ethical standards, and who understand the impact of their work on society.

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  1.  Educate the students to enter the construction profession.
  2. Utilize available technology to enhance teaching and learning.
  3. Broaden access to construction management education through distance learning opportunities.
  4. Conduct and disseminate research in the construction area.
  5. Produce opportunities for student-industry interaction.
  6. Provide adequate resources for the professional growth of the faculty.
  7. Encourage, promote and support vibrant student organizations and an active alumni association.

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The first four semesters provide broad insight into all aspects of basic engineering drawing, introduction to engineering materials and mechanics, construction management and computer application. The students will be introduced to building technology, mechanical engineering and design, building and get basic knowledge in mathematics, energy and environmental technology related to building. During the second year the students perform a project work where they will perform at project from building design to calculation of costs. They are also expected to complete a project in sustainable building technology, to study the process of construction management.